Our view on the environment

Our vision is "to create new food experiences and make people's lives happier". We wish to enrich people's lives and society as a whole through the business of food, which is of common interest to all people. Achieving a sustainable society is at the very root of our vision. Through our business operations, we seek to reduce the environmental burden on society and support the digital transformation of the restaurant industry. In addition, by promoting our core FRM (Fan Relationship Management) business by allowing users to make reservations at our member restaurants, we can more precisely forecast the ingredients that clients will require in advance, which should contribute to the reduction of food loss at restaurants.

Reducing food loss through our business operations

Our core FRM (Fan Relationship Management) business is a service that connects users who are looking for the best restaurant, with restaurants that want to attract customers. Restaurant reservations generated by this business enables the restaurant to more accurately forecast the number of customers who will visit the restaurant and the meals they will be served. Based on these forecasts, it enables the restaurants to optimize their food procurement, which we believe contributes to the reduction of food loss/waste at restaurants.

In addition, our service is equipped with a function that allows users searching for restaurants, to display "restaurants that can be reserved on that day" at the top of their search results. We believe that this function connects users who need to find a restaurant on that day with restaurants that have available seating, thereby contributing to the reduction of food loss/waste that would otherwise have occurred.

Environmental management

As stated in our "Basic Philosophy," we are committed to operating our business with consideration to achieving a sustainable society, which is fundamental to achieving our vision of "creating new food experiences and making people's lives happier". Specifically, we will:

  • Promote paperless operations by digitizing contracts, approval documents and others.
  • Save electricity by automatically turning off lights at night and optimizing air-conditioning temperatures
  • Optimize air conditioning temperatures in offices
  • Promote "Cool Biz" style work fashion by wearing casual clothes to work
  • Optimize travel by using public transportation and promote remote (non-face-to-face) sales that emit less CO2