Our view on society

Our vision is "to create new food experiences and make people's lives happier" and to contribute to society by creating value in the food business, which is closely related to people's daily lives. We believe that "happiness" is not limited to our business, but is a value that should be demonstrated to a wide range of people in society. Thus, we will monitor social trends and issues daily, and make a positive impact on society.

Regional development
(contribution to the local community)

  • Local government PR projects in the advertising content business
  • Revitalization of regional restaurants through FRM business
  • Recruitment/utilization of human resources living in rural areas

Workplace reform

  • 100% of female employees took maternity leave (as of FY Sept. 2022)
  • 100% of male employees took paternity leave (as of FY Sept. 2022)
  • 100% return to work after paternity/maternity leave (as of FY Sept. 2022)
  • Average monthly overtime hours: 9.3 hours (as of FY Sept. 2022)
  • Paid holiday used: 72.3% (as of FY Sept. 2022)
  • Introduction of flextime system
  • Introduction of remote work
  • Introduction of summer vacation
  • Introduction of vaccine leave
  • Establishment of recommended paid holiday dates
  • Discovery leave
  • Introduction of a nursing care leave system
  • Career support interviews conducted twice a year
  • Introduction of an internal recruitment system
  • Introduction of a mentor system

Promoting diversity

  • Ratio of female employees: 50.4% (as of FY Sept. 2022, 26.5% nationwide)
  • Ratio of female directors: 33.3% (as of FY Sept. 2022, average of listed companies in Japan: 7.5%)
  • Active employment of people with disabilities
  • 7 employees of foreign nationals
  • Implement training for unconscious bias
  • Active recruitment of mid-career workers
  • Proactively hold company information sessions in regional areas
  • Moving into barrier-free offices (fully barrier-free)

Providing a wealthy dining experience

Retty, a gourmet food service company, allows users to search for the best restaurants according to their own tastes and TPO based on reliable reviews using actual names. Through this service, we provide users with a rich dining experience and make their lives happier.

Occupational safety and health

  • Conduct periodic health checkups (every year)
  • In addition to basic medical checkups, additional options such as breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, brain MR scan, and CT scan of the lungs are offered.
  • Mental health training by industrial physicians
  • Stress coping training by industrial physicians
  • Implementation of stress checks (ratio of highly stressed employees is less than 5%)
  • Health and safety committee meetings (monthly)
  • Influenza vaccination (every year)
  • Cleaning of meeting rooms and others (daily)
  • Conducting vaccine inoculations at workplaces
  • Thorough measures against infectious diseases (masks, disinfectants, recommending online meetings including shareholders' meetings)
  • Conduct pulse survey to monitor employee conditions (monthly)

Social contribution activities

  • Implementing CSR projects in collaboration with large companies
  • Implementing local revitalization projects in collaboration with local governments
  • V-RESAS and other projects
  • Support projects for restaurants during COVID
  • Crowdfunding fee waiver for restaurants with Campfire
  • No commission fees for restaurants in Go to Eat
  • Cooperation with various gourmet events such as Sheep Festa
  • High public vision