Team Retty


A wide variety of team members have come together to build a one big product called Retty. Our team is a mix of ages, genders and careers, but we have just one conviction. We believe in gathering team members with different backgrounds and values together will create something new.

Retty Way

At Retty, we have a set of guidelines for practices to grow our organization and business.
We use these guidelines to guarantee consistency in our daily work, staff feedback and interviews for evaluations, and so on.
These guidelines have been determined by all our team members and continue to evolve based on our organization’s changing environment and phases of growth.

All Done
Work diligently to fulfill individual roles in order to accomplish each task.
Adhere to the highest standards in everything we do.
Innovation is the result of daily efforts and accumulated attempts to overcome challenges.
We will never be satisfied with the status quo and will continue to create new value by constantly evolving.
User Happy
We will provide users with everything they want in the product.
Everything we do and create is done with the users in our minds all the time.